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Jason Day won by three strokes and paid $1,800,000 to the fourteen people who picked him this week. 

Congratulations to the following winners in this year's U-PICK-EM Contest:

Place Contestant City State $ Won Payout
1 Jimmy Rodman Bradenton FL 9,669,553 $972
2 Broc Lietz Casseltown ND 9,109,320 583
3 Ed Hribar Edina MN 9,005,184 367
4 Bob Huettl Clive IA 8,827,665 259
5 Skip Williamson Lakeland FL 8,745,209 216
6 Raymond Wiesner Woodbury MN 8,719,934 194
7 Arvid Barth Lincoln NE 8,688,368 181
8 Paul Calkins Des Moines IA 8,507,157 167
9 Ron Decker Kirkland WA 8,477,835 157
10 Locke Scripps Davidson NC 8,382,203 146
11 Bob Keltz Sun Lakes AZ 8,367,147 135
12 Kortney Kelly Colorado Springs CO 8,329,246 124
13 Darrell Maltby Scottsdale AZ 8,267,656 113
14 Rhett Hogan Decatur GA 8,258,033 103
15 Paul Taylor Minnetonka MN 8,184,927 97
16 Doris Hamm Urbandale IA 7,988,303 92
17 Brian Borrison Mediapolis IA 7,931,034 86
18 Don Denkinger Waterloo IA 7,921,966 81
19 Lance Blomster Fairmont MN 7,800,319 76
20 Jim Roberts Charlottesville VA 7,768,501 70
21 Mike Garvin Walla Walla WA 7,620,994 65
22 Margaret Dockter Chandler AZ 7,619,673 61
23 Brad Welton Brooklyn Park MN 7,599,585 56
24 David Prudhomme Bloomington MN 7,534,245 52
25 Bob Maginnis Edina MN 7,418,066 48
26 Randy Enfield Washington IA 7,410,101 43
27 J.P. Lucas Seattle WA 7,301,119 42
28 Ann Hall Maplewood MN 7,185,349 40
29 Arnold Madsen Cedar Falls IA 7,053,177 39
30 RoseAnne Rinderknecht Clive IA 7,009,701 38
Total Payout $4,703

Among those who picked Jason Day this week, Brock Lietz moved from 21st place to 2nd place in the standings.  Ron Decker moved from 33rd to 9th, Mike Gavin from 69th to 21st, David Prudhomme from 74th to 24th, and Randy Enfield went from 78th place to 26th.

Winners checks will not be mailed until later this week.  That will give you a chance to contact us if you see anything wrong with your picks or the standings.



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2015 U-PICK-EM

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